ARE YOU LOOKING FOR a tradeSMAN you can trust? we are proud of the professional fitting service we offer.

Many people forget that the quality of the floor installation is as important as floor quality. If you buy a high quality wooden floor but have no idea about installing it – you can be sure that it will not last for years and you might not be happy about the overall look of it.

Floor installation is a time consuming and challenging work which require a lot of experience and focus in order to do it properly. At Mari’s House and Garden, we work only with highly qualified professionals who have years of experience and know their trade and will fit flooring that will stand the test of time!


We provide you flooring services such as:

  • Real Wood Flooring

  • New Carpets

  • Floor Panels

  • Laminate Flooring

  • Parquet Flooring 

  • and many more – it is your decision what flooring you are going to choose…


What makes our service different from others?

  • Attention to detail – we focus on every aspect of the flooring service and therefore deliver a good job

  • High quality materials at low prices – we do our best to lower the price of materials therefore we are able to import high quality materials at lower prices

  • Working according to a specified plan – everything what we do is what we have previously agreed with our clients

  • Working within already agreed budget – we know everyone has a budget so at Mari’s House Garden we try to do our best to work within smaller budgets without losing on quality

  • Cleanliness – we always make sure to leave your house in exactly the same condition as it was before the work started


How do we work?

We have came up with practical strategy plan which we always apply to a new project:

  1. We discuss the project with you; including expectations and ideas as well as available budget.

  2. We visit your property, and carefully look around in order to discuss ideas and give advice about possible steps to be taken before the project begins.

  3. We make a plan of your project including information such as time frames and plastering and decorating actions achievable within your budget.

  4. After your approval of the works quoted, we schedule a date to commence work, then we start work on the agreed date!

We are here to help you! please GET IN TOUCH to discuss YOUR PROJECT SO WE CAN WORK AROUND YOUR time frame and budget.