Garden Care

For many people in the UK, garden is a special place in the house. It is a very important part of the house and people do care how it is designed, maintained and if it has any extra features such as extended sitting area or a private shed.

We understand our clients needs and wants, therefore we have decided to inrtoduce various garden care services. Since now you do not need to worry about your garden – we will be in charg of it and make it look how you want it to. Because we understand your busy life – we will do our best to provide you with a beautiful, well maintained area so you can spend some free time there and enjoy. 


At Mari’s House and Garden, we offer various garden services including:


How do we work?

We have came up with practical strategy plan which we always apply to a new project:

  1. We discuss the project with potential client including expectations and ideas as well as available budget
  2.  We come to client’s property, look around in order to discuss ideas and give advice about possible steps to be taken before the project begins
  3. We make a plan of your project including information such as time frames and plastering and decorating actions achievable within your budget
  4. We come at client’s property and start working on agreed date.



We are here to help you! Just please contact us in order to discuss the details and
agree possible time frame and budget.

Our recent garden care projects:

work done 20/04/2017

work done 04/05/2018