We offer painting & decorating services in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire.

Painting and decorating services can directly influence how you feel inside your house.

  Whether you have your own house or renting a property, you always want to live in a nice and cosy place where you can relax and take some rest. However, it is very typical to move in a house where the décor is not exactly what you are looking for. But you might also be bored of the colour of your interior, so we can help you! We are here to help you paint and decorate you house in order to change it and make it as you want to. Over the years we have worked on many projects including small studios as well as large manor houses. We are ready to start your challenging project and impress you with the finish.   What makes our painting and decorating service special?

  • We always make sure that all your furniture and floor is covered so we do not damage anything or make it dirty
  • We can repair any cracks on walls and ceilings
  • We always apply two coats of paint, whether it’s on ceilings or walls, to ensure complete coverage
  • When painting woodwork, we always apply an undercoat first and then the paint of your choice on top
  • We can repair any type of woodwork by sanding out imperfections or making other necessary repairs

How do we work?

We have came up with practical strategy plan which we always apply to a new project:

  1. We discuss the project with potential client including expectations and ideas as well as available budget
  2.  We come to client’s property, look around in order to discuss ideas and give advice about possible steps to be taken before the project begins
  3. We make a plan of your project including information such as time frames and plastering and decorating actions achievable within your budget
  4. We come at client’s property and start working on agreed date.


We are here to help you! Just please contact us in order to discuss the details and agree possible time frame and budget.

Our recent painting and decorating’s projects:

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