Are you in search of a good specialist to do either plastering or skimming job at your property?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between plastering and skimming?



Skimming is a form of using a finishing plaster either on a new plasterboard or over already existing walls or ceiling in order to create a smooth, seamless surface ready to receive decorative treatment. Doing a skimming job requires much attention in order to guarantee a smooth surface – which can vary from a thick layer to a thin one – everything is discussed and done in order to fulfil client’s requirements.



Plastering might often mean the same thing, however it is a more general definition which might involve more actions than just skimming e.g. patching up holes or boarding. It increases fire resistance on a building and gives your walls wear resistance. There are different types of plasters including cement plaster, the lime plaster and the gypsum plaster – when we use specific plaster we always discuss it with our clients and advise which one is a better choice for your project.

In our team, we have qualified plastering and skimming specialists who will deliver a high standard of work. Moreover, we are able to import high quality materials at lower price if your budget is not enough – high quality materials for a reasonable price.

So, if you are thinking about any plastering and skimming work to be done at your property but have some concerns about the budget or project’s details, please get in touch with us!


What makes our SKIMMING & PLASTERING services special?

  • High quality materials at low prices – we are able to import the best quality materials for your bathroom and pass the saving onto you.

  • Working according to a specified plan – everything what we do, is what we have previously agreed with our client.

  • Working within already agreed budget – we know everyone has a budget so at Mari’s House Garden there will be no surprise after the project finishes as you will no notified any extra charges and reasons behind it.

  • Cleanliness – we always make sure that we leave your property in exactly same condition as it was before we started the project.


How do we work?

We have came up with practical strategy plan which we always apply to a new project:

  1. We discuss the project with you; including expectations and ideas as well as available budget.

  2. We visit your property, and carefully look around in order to discuss ideas and give advice about possible steps to be taken before the project begins.

  3. We make a plan of your project including information such as time frames and plastering and decorating actions achievable within your budget.

  4. After your approval of the works quoted, we schedule a date to commence work, then we start work on the agreed date!


We are here to help you! please GET IN TOUCH to discuss YOUR PROJECT SO WE CAN WORK AROUND YOUR time frame and budget.