My name is Adam Dworak and I am the founder of Mari’s House and Garden. My professional career started when I was 15 years old. I was helping run my parents business in Poland. In 2009, I decided to move abroad and start my career in construction in Sweden.

In November 2012, I decided to move to the UK with my family. In order to get a good balance between my family and work, I decided to open my own renovation and decorating company. Every month I was getting more and more customers which made me realise that people appreciate my work and more importantly – they trust me!


Why did you choose the business name Mari’s House and Garden?

I always get this question – “What does the company’s name stand for?”. Well, when I was starting my company and thinking about a name for my company, I wanted it to be memorable, and will mean a lot to me even when I am retired. There was one very special and sentimental idea which came into my mind. 

The answer is very simple – it was my daughter’s first name – Mari. Because she has always been helping me with things around the house (and playing with my tools!) I decided to name the company after her.

So this is how the company’s name was born – Mari’s House and Garden.


Mari’s House and Garden now…

Nowadays, my company has grown and I work with some talented workers who help me on larger projects. I only employ people who I trust, therefore, you can be sure that the work we are going to do at your property will present a high level of service.


What is my attitude towards renovation and decorating projects?

When I start working on a new project, I always like to discuss even the smallest details with clients and am open for ideas and preferences regarding the job. I want to know exactly what you would like to change and your expectations. I try to be as flexible as possible and get to know my clients as I know how challenging it is to find a company who you can trust and let them work inside your house.


The following is the plan we always implement when handling a new project:

  1. Discussion with our client about requirements, ideas and budget

  2. We come to client’s house and discuss possible options as well as give advice on possible steps we could take before the project starts

  3. We present you our offer, including time frames and a list of job we are able to do within your budget

  4. We agree the dates and start working on the project

Mari’s House and Garden has worked on various types of properties including; domestic properties, offices, shops, showrooms and commercial premises. If you would like Mari’s House and Garden to work on your project, please get in touch in order to discuss your requirements.